Zhejiang: Chunjian enjoys a mixed acquisition of sericulturist

May 27, Chun\'an County enjoys a first situation is gratifying, Chunjian high yield, good quality and yield of 47 kg, 2 kg more than last year. Price is relatively good, the actual purchase price 1130 yuan / dan, up to 1,300 yuan / Tam. Provincial Agriculture Department by the Deputy Secretary for Hai-Ping Wu said that although the purchase price of this year Chun\'an County is slightly lower than the same period last year, but local sericulturist right purchase price, or more satisfactory, as yields increased, sericulturist actual revenue did not decline. The same for high-quality cocoon region, Jinyun County, this year Chunjian purchase price 1270 yuan / Tam, yield and quality are also good in previous years.

    In contrast, the main producing areas of Jiaxing, Huzhou Chunjian year yields declined compared with last year\'s acquisition price compared to last year declined. Such as the kinds of Deqing County, 66000 Spring Silkworms fat, feeding volume and almost a year, yields on average 45 kg more than last year dropped by nearly 5 kilograms of the acquisition price of 950 yuan / dan, compared with same period last year fell 26.3%. At present, Jiaxing, Huzhou Chunjian purchase price 1000 yuan / Tam about the city of Xinchang, Shaoxing, Shengzhou and other places, Tam Chun Jian purchase price was only 800 yuan each, sericulturist general than the previous year reflecting the reduction.

    Hai-Ping Wu told reporters, resulting in two places Chunjian low prices was largely due to lower prices this year, Silk, silk prices currently remain at 180,000 yuan per ton, only two-thirds of last year; the same time, 5 age period of the previous nest encountered high temperature and humidity of the climate, the quality of cocoons decreased in some areas, but also affect the cocoon purchase price.

    Hai-Ping Wu believes that although this year Chunjian purchase price has been reduced, Silk Quotes changing rapidly in recent years, sericulturist not to 1:00 cocoon prices drop to determine the year of the stock market trend; he reminded sericulturist Quotes to rational view of the changes to actively grasp the current management of mulberry, raise silkworms sufficient to support a good summer and fall, by improving yields and quality to make up for the loss of cocoon, cocoon production of high-yield towards summer and autumn harvest.

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