A quarter of Zhejiang Silk Industry sectors operation analysis

In 2006, 2007, silk exports declined for two consecutive years. In 2008 due to continued appreciation of the yuan, the country from tight monetary policy, labor costs and rising raw material costs, as well as the United States, Japan, Europe, the economic slowdown, U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis and many other factors, silk is still optimistic about export prospects. In order to fully understand the current women\'s silk industry is facing grave situation and to explore development of the industry under the new situation, ideas, methods and countermeasures, Hangzhou Silk Industry Association on April 21, 2008 afternoon, Xiaoshan Dali (China), the world\'s leading silk Women held a silk base of the economic situation of women\'s business seminars, Zhejiang, China Silk Association, introduced the Secretary-General Wang Wei, the province\'s silk industry, the relevant situation:

According to reported data in the first quarter of this year, 106 silk enterprises are concerned, the completed industrial output value 4.051 billion yuan, output of main products: silk 1588 tons (the original silk production in Zhejiang Province, we should be 15,000 tons / year or so); twisting silk production in 269 tons; Silk 1614 tons (Zhejiang good time to produce more than 20,000 tons / year); production of 7.2 million meters of silk; dyeing silk 22.65 million meters;, the wearing apparel 20.59 million, of which 10.21 million woven garments, knitted garments 5.9 million; Textiles 170,000 units, 5.4 million scarf silk tie, silk was 28400. Now more severe is the economic benefits, 106 silk enterprises, there are 55 losses, more than half of a loss is 52.38%, break even, only the profit 94.53 million yuan. Last year, the year before a year down the annual statistics reported profits of enterprises of up to 10 billion this year, a quarter of a million less. There is also a feature that is last year\'s loss was largely concentrated in the silk reeling and silk spinning enterprises, other non-loss of the. This year, a quarter of small businesses has also begun a loss, indicating the seriousness of the situation. There are 1-2 months, the country exports of silk goods was 579 million U.S. dollars, down by 5.82%. 2006,2007 year are also down, down 1 million per year in U.S. dollars. Last year, exports 3.611 billion U.S. dollars, down 2.8% from the previous year, prior to its highest point off than the previous year fell by three to five points. The Secretary-General said that Wang, from the historical data analysis, we unlike other industries can record every year, a record high, silk industry, probably 10 years before they turn once, in order to set off a wave or a big development. From this point of view to understand and analyze, as if still on their way into the bottom, or just beginning, or still in progress, and perhaps later will face an even more serious difficulties, enterprises will face even greater pressure.

Zhejiang silk industry over the years changes:

First, the whole industry is gradually strengthened and the after-transfer, the former Road, the initial decrease gradually shrinking. The near future, Zhejiang reeling enterprises will be less than 100, or even less, a number of primary processing will be phased out, eliminated the enterprise how to do? Would "gradually shift to" or step of the transfer, such as the transfer to Chun-go, transferred to Anhui to go, go to the Northwest to go to the sericulture industry area to develop.

Second, many of the enterprise is moving towards market-oriented, further processing or to a higher level of development on track. Last year, there are many companies, Zhejiang, China commentary on the brand, there are many enterprises exemption of export products, obtained well-known trademark, I think the depth of these efforts have achieved success, these things do a good job, and right to expand the domestic market has a very ensure and promote the role of the good.

Third, scientific and technological research in Zhejiang has also made some success, in 2007 the National Science Award of the General Assembly, Zhejiang Textile has been three national awards, this is not history, weaving in silk accounted for 3 2. Zhejiang University of Technology and other research institutions in the silk were very involved, very active. All these show that in the future In addition to policy, others such as the scientific and technological innovation, brand creation, internal management, reducing consumption is also very important. In short, we want to Zhejiang Silk shuffling process than others, ran ahead.

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