The first half of the price is relatively stable demand for silk has increased steadily

The first half of this year, China\'s silk factory silk spot market price of ordinary -21 million 185 thousand yuan per ton, on-line Class B Contract Order closing price per ton of silk was basically at 19 yuan / ton -20 yuan / ton. This shows that the first half of our cocoon prices were relatively stable, the operation of silk industry is also relatively stable.

The international market for raw silk demand for commodities has also been restored, especially in the Indian market, due to various reasons, their needs to restore faster, mulberry silk, and gray silk fabric imports increased considerably, and to curb the amount of the national silk exports continued to decline sharply trends, but also pushed the other main sales market, demand for clothing and other manufactured goods recovery. This is the restoration of China\'s Silk Quotes played no small role in supporting. National Chunjian production affected by natural disasters, pests and diseases affecting more and more production has declined in some producing areas, and many production areas are very low. According to statistics of China Silk Import and Export Corporation, the National Chunjian production increased about 11%, lower than expected. Chunjian have increased marginally, reduced cocoon supply pressure, slowed the contradiction between supply and demand in the first half of the country after deducting the amount of purchasing and storage of that part of the silk, the cocoon supply and demand has maintained a relatively balanced situation. This is a relatively stable during the first half Quotes in the production and marketing, supply and demand fundamentals.

Cocoon silk industry last year, the price fluctuations caused by "traumatic" memories. Faced with a poor natural conditions cocoon production and the environment, industry parties and local governments are more sensible than buying raw materials and arrangements for production companies are also more rational, in the Quotes under the guidance of 20 yuan / kg cocoon of the upper and lower price, although the a lot lower than last year, but agricultural products still have a certain comparative advantages, sericulturist still be guaranteed the fundamental interests, but such a cocoon price levels for trades to create the conditions for smooth operation of Tao.

In the first half, according to the requirements of the State concerned, the two cocoon silk trading market for online transaction management made some adjustments, run a more standard. To some extent this limits the excessive speculation and curb the irrational price fluctuations that may arise.

National macro-control measures for the successful implementation of price stability, demand restoration of both the establishment of confidence, also play a role in safeguarding.

Recovery and increase market demand despite a number of reasons, but the current pattern of international silk industry point of view, China\'s Silk relative price stability is the most important. The first half of this year, as well as China\'s silk industry many years of practice has proved that no matter in a relatively low cocoon prices remain relatively high, as long as stable, there will be conducive to recovery and increase demand.

Of course, the need for a relatively reasonable price, otherwise the increase in demand is difficult. In general, prices now are able to maintain a relatively stable, and its own have a certain rationality. Meanwhile, the so-called price is relatively reasonable, but also around the actual situation according to the dialectical perspective. In 2004 prior to 10 years, Chinese silk plant silk spot market prices and online ordering the contract price of 130,000 yuan per ton in general -23 million, after 2002 and 2003 of the stock market downturn period, with the country\'s economic The rapid growth in driving commodity prices and a variety of factors of production prices, Silk gradual recovery and increasing demand, prices also will be constantly adjusted. 2005 cocoon prices rose but red too far. After two rounds of the shock, the current cocoon prices, from the various elements of a comprehensive pricing and product price ratio between the level of view, though not high, but should take into account the actual market supply and demand situation, they will feel that it still exists reasonable.

Our broad geographic cocoon production, local natural conditions, economic development, factor prices and technology levels vary widely, cocoon quality and cost of production varies, the industry hold that, from the national point of view, wire price per t 180 thousand yuan to 22 yuan, should be regarded as a relatively reasonable. This is conducive to the industry chain of various industries to create a relatively smooth functioning of a liberal environment, and ultimately beneficial to the steady increase in demand for silk.


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