2007 China International Silk Fair and China International Women\'s Exhibition Summary

By the PRC Ministry of Commerce, organized by the Hangzhou Municipal Government, the National Cocoon and Silk Coordination Office, China Silk Association, Hangzhou Municipal Economic Commission, Hangzhou City Board of Trade, China International Trade Promotion Committee, Hangzhou Branch co-hosted the "2007 China International Silk Expo China International Women\'s Expo "on October 26 to 29 successfully held in Hangzhou. The Ministry of Commerce party members, assistant national director of the Yellow Sea Silk Coordination Office, Provincial Party Standing Committee, Party secretary of Hangzhou, People\'s Congress Wang Guoping, director of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce president He Jihai, China Textile Industry Association vice president of Sun Rui Zhe, China Silk Association Chairman Yi-hui, Hangzhou Mayor Cai Qi and other leaders of relevant departments, as well as Sichuan, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi Province, municipal authorities responsible comrades and France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, silk and women\'s organizations, industry leaders attended the opening ceremony and visited the Expo. "Silk and Women\'s Expo" to further promote the Chinese silk culture, and enhancing domestic silk industry, with the women\'s exchanges and cooperation, and promote growth in trade of silk and Women to enhance China\'s Silk and Women\'s international image and status, so that our country from the Silk Silk powers made the development of power has taken a solid step forward, but also to the municipal government put forward the "promote women\'s silk capital of the government to build a" strategic approach has played an important role in promoting the implementation. "Silk and Women\'s Expo" to achieve the desired results, achieved a complete success. Will now be summarized in this report on the Expo are as follows:

First, several major features of Expo

In order to expand the scale of this Expo, grade and influence of the host agency to show resources, and China International Silk Fair and China International Women\'s Show Exhibition 2-one, so this year\'s "Silk and Women\'s Expo" exhibition, whether in quality or At the exhibition level, than in the past have significantly improved.

(A) combining at home and abroad, highlighting the image of an international exhibition

The Expo brought together nearly 400 domestic and international silk and women\'s production, trade, marketing, research and enterprise, 20000 Silk and women\'s new products, exhibitors, many of which products are rated as Chinese famous brand, well-known trademarks, in particular, this year recently named the six Chinese silk is famous all appearances, so that silk was sold to a new level. Organizing Committee organized tens of thousands of national professional businessmen to attend the meeting and also invited to France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, thousands of merchants to participate in a professional exhibition. Among them were a number of international fashion industry celebrities, such as the French Haute Couture President of the Society, Italy, Britain, South Korea renowned fashion designer, Japan, Malaysia, India Fashion Association and chairman of a large number of celebrities. Organized by Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan Women\'s exhibiting companies, with nearly 100 booths, South Korea 18 designers also with special equipment in the form of a concentrated display of their works, cutting-edge designers in the field with the Chinese exchanges, seek cooperation, South Korea for the first time the organization is also the architect involved in domestic Nvzhuang Zhan. This will improve China\'s women\'s industries, and has played a significant role in promoting.

(B) a primary 12, the activities of many colorful

In order to take the exhibition platform, and further to create "silk of the House, the Women\'s City", a rich industrial culture and create a fair atmosphere, the promotion of silk industry development with the ladies by Hangzhou government\'s unified plan, a number of events around the Expo, be summed up as "One main 12":
2007 China International Silk Fair and China International Women\'s Exhibition, display of silk garments, apparel, fabrics, bedding, crafts, gifts and all kinds of women\'s and women\'s complementary product.

12 series of activities are: 1, China International Silk Forum; 2, welcome reception-cum-Chinese silk fashion trends published; 3, China\'s silk day series of events; 4, "Paradise silk clothing martial arts show" 5,2007 Hangzhou Silk • Women\'s Miles Hangzhou Railway Station conference. 6, the first Chinese brand apparel market, Congress and "fashion hand in hand" activity. 7, the third "Everything Lee" Cup China International Women\'s Grand Prix designer; 8, China and South Korea costume designer Sharon; 9, Hangzhou (International) Silk Fashion Week; 10, Wulin Fashion Week; 11, Hangzhou, "Heaven capital cup "Grand Prix International Silk tourism product design; 12,2007," Wei-yun Cup "third garment making Skills Contest and Award show.

Especially in the fair held during the 2007 China International Silk Forum. The current International Silk Forum, invited to the China Silk Association, Yi-hui, the French Haute Couture President of the Society Grumbach, president of the Association of Malaysia cloth clothing department store Liao Liang, South Korea Park Dong-Chul, vice chairman of silk, Japan, will be executive director of silk Yoichi Kusano, Deputy Chairman of India\'s silk export TVMARUTHI other nine countries on behalf of more than 50 people, as well as across the country large-scale silk production, research and development, trade enterprises, institutions, research institutes on behalf of nearly 70 people, the spirit of sharing, cooperation and development purposes, we in a friendly atmosphere on both sides to explore issues of concern and research. Meanwhile, the sub-venues were invited to e-detection technology at home and abroad silk experts and scholars in a special symposium. Released last year, "the draft silk electronic detection methods," to explore the venue a warm atmosphere. This silk forum "fashion, brand, innovation" as its theme, countries gradually Silk Association delivered a speech at the forum on the development of this region made of silk detailed description of the silk industry, a better future. Chinese silk entrepreneurs and industry experts and scholars have to speak, for the silk industry, the development of a number of valuable comments and suggestions. 2007 China International Silk Forum, to achieve the desired results, was a complete success.

The third "Everything Lee" Cup China International Women\'s Grand Prix, whether from the participants level designers, promotion efforts, the judges or the final grade of the site layout, the high amount of money the past few years are not available at the national level should be women\'s Design Competition at the highest level at an event in the national fashion design industry, caused an unprecedented sensation.

Held in conjunction with the 2007 China International Silk Fair and Women\'s thousands of franchisees and the 2007 China International Silk Conference and the Women\'s Expo Stores (Women\'s) Industry Elite Forum invited to join by 1000 and domestic large and medium sized apparel department store managers to participate in more than 200 people Laihang , reflecting the enthusiastic promotion of Hangzhou Garment Industry Development played a catalytic role.

(C) The size, grade, professional level has been greatly improved

This year\'s "Silk and Women\'s Fair" is "SIBO" and the "Nv Zhuangzhan" first merged, the municipal government, district government, industry associations, professional market, the CMC, design colleges and other units attached great importance. According to their functions as fair offer advice and so on, and implement the corresponding responsibilities, forming a vertical command and smooth, horizontal cooperation and coordination in a good situation. Through the efforts of Fair display area of 20,000 square meters, stands a smaller scale than the previous expansion of 100%, with nearly 1,000 booths, including special equipment to reach 75% of the booth, booth display results significantly better than the last. From Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangdong, Liaoning, Hubei, Jiangxi and Inner Mongolia, 10 provinces, municipalities focus on silk Chinese enterprises in Xiaoshan, Yuhang, Wenzhou delegation to participate in women\'s enterprises. During the Expo, also displayed the "China century Tapestry Collection Exhibition" the second time, exhibited the late Qing, the Republic of China Du Jin-sheng, Yuan Zhen, and a batch of Chinese silk industry enterprises in the two or three decades on behalf of the exquisite tapestry paintings, attracted a large number of visiting scholars and the masses. Many of these works are out of print isolated products, fully demonstrated the Chinese silk permanent historical and rich cultural heritage, news media coverage.

(D) significant economic benefits, social effects and influence has increased substantially and

According to preliminary statistics, the total turnover of nearly 10 billion yuan fair. Excess of 5 million visitors, of which nearly 3 million of professional traders, foreign more than 2,000 passengers, general audience 21000 times. Silk textile products and China\'s women\'s trends, silk Olympic products sought after by domestic and foreign consumers, domestic shopping malls, supermarkets, retail groups, foreign customers, made a special trip to purchase, ushered in a new silk and women\'s consumption. Silk in bringing together the country\'s new products, "the trend plaza" from time to time there are various color detailed view of the professional traders stop to obtain sample and development of manufacturers contact information. During the Expo, one climax after another, from beginning to end showing a strong cultural foundation and the bustling silk women\'s event the situation.

2, Some Experience Expo

(A) leaders at all levels attach great importance to carefully organize the preparation

The Expo committee members from relevant government departments at all levels, national and key provinces and cities Silk Association, apparel associations. In the Ministry of Commerce, Hangzhou, People\'s Government organizations and the organizing committee led by the hard and meticulous work, the full use of the Ministry of Commerce of existing policy and management advantages, expand the fair fame, enhance grades, and was established in early 2007 China International Women\'s Exhibition with the China International Silk Fair, held over the same period, the two exhibitions-one, to expand its influence to improve grades, and integrate all resources to the full success of this Expo. Through the pre-publicity, Merchants, and fluttering as well as the activities carried out, the silk industry at home and abroad received a warm response. Especially in the Chinese Embassy in France, Italy, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Consulate General of Commercial Office (room) all the help, the organizing committee successfully held in Paris, Milan, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Bangalore and investment will be achieved remarkable results. Organizing Committee and the nearly 400 foreign silk, women\'s enterprises, more than 30 overseas trade associations, intermediary institutions established contact with one of them nearly 15 industry associations, intermediaries initially set the relations of cooperation. Particularly through the investment during the multi-party exchanges, Hangzhou Women\'s leadership development group and the French fashion association in this fair in the intent signed a strategic cooperation contract for the local fashion designers to the world\'s top apparel post-graduate institutions, has created favorable conditions.

(B) the rational distribution of exhibition hall to raise the level of move -

The Expo will also dress the combination of design and silk culture into a new stage, more perfectly demonstrate the culture and dress of Chinese silk culture, harmony and unity. Throughout the exhibition hall by exhibitors and product categories zoning block, the remarkable characteristics. Make special equipment exhibition, respectively; trend plaza area; provinces, municipalities and organizing groups to area; Chinese century tapestry collection galleries, the Silk Road photo display area collecting folk songs and so on. Decorated to modern design this year, the atmosphere, their own characteristics. In particular, the trend Square, a collection of 2007 Chinese silk enterprises, research institutions, colleges and other units of new products research and development, and South Korea works designers static and dynamic display area, fully reflect the silk with the women\'s fashion products, sexual and professional for the professional audience are very attractive, has played a leading product development trend of China\'s silk role.

(C) expanding advocacy efforts to enhance awareness exhibition

The Expo promotional materials fully display the characteristics and content of silk, beautifully designed, printed elegant. Propaganda and reporting forms, show the influence increased. In close cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Hangzhou Municipal Government, under the current was held successfully in Beijing Expo press conference, party members of the Ministry of Commerce, Huang Hai, assistant minister of the provincial Standing Committee, Party secretary of Hangzhou, People\'s Congress Chairman Wang Guoping, Hangzhou City Cai Qi, Hangzhou Sun Zhonghuan chairman of the CPPCC, the Hangzhou People\'s Congress party secretary, deputy director of the Yu Huida, Hangzhou Vice Mayor Shen Jian attended the news conference, nearly 80 news and the news media participate in a follow-up reports. CCTV -1, the Central Broadcasting Station, Zhejiang TV, Hangzhou TV, "China Trade News," "International Business Daily", "Economic Daily", "China Business Daily", "Hangzhou Daily", "City Express", "Money Jiang Evening News, "" Young Times "and other major media coverage of a press conference grand occasion. "Silk" magazine, China\'s women\'s network, "China Textile News", "China Fashion Weekly," "clothing Times" and a number of professional media continuously released relevant information. Especially with women\'s networks, silk nets full cooperation Graphic live the opening ceremony of this grand occasion attracted a huge response, the website home page click-through rate increased by 30%, amounted to 13 million. Meanwhile, the Fair full advantage of modern network information technology, Netease, TOM, GOOGLE, Sina, Yahoo, Chinese clothing net, China Textile Network, the China Women\'s Network, and other famous sites running the ads and search links, and more specialized merchants to understand to participate in fairs, greatly enhanced the exposition and propaganda, to expand their impact.

(D) effective logistical support, volunteer services, carefully

During the Expo, the activities of rich businessmen flow of large, multi-VIP participants, faced with complex situations, the organizing committee received group in close cooperation with relevant departments to develop programs, and assign responsibilities. More than 50 volunteer service seriously and carefully, working hard, hard working, successful completion of the work with the Organizing Committee.

3, the next step the initial intention

Although this exhibition a great success, but throughout the preparation and implementation of the process there are also some shortcomings, next year will be on the basis of lessons learned should be improved to further enhance the quality of work to do exhibitions.

(A) to advance the development of "Silk and Women\'s Expo" an invitation and all active content. Overseas investment in particular, to determine the end of this year investment program with a clear investment route, a preliminary proposal first main lines are: South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, four countries, relevant associations for these four countries has been established with the Fair good relations will be sending a group of small-scale preparations for operational staff direct contact with local industry associations to strive for completion in January; second lines arranged for European routes, with France, Yale International Fashion Festival, organizing large-scale promotional activities, mainly in France , Russia, Turkey and other countries; third lines proposed to arrange for the North American routes, mainly the United States, Canada and other countries; in January 2008 before the implementation of investment funds, determine the investment staff lists; by the end of February before the completion of their overseas investment approval, visa work; 4 the work completed by the end of overseas investment in order to have time to the organizing committee for further contact with foreign customers, to foreign investment purposes.

(B) further strengthen the propaganda work. Depending on the level, from different angles to intensify propaganda. In particular through the network approach to continuous publicity throughout the year, the professional traders on the network to collect data and continuously active contact with professional clients, providing a detailed, "Silk and Women\'s Expo" information.

(C) expanding the exhibition content. In order to continue to enhance the influence of the Expo, we recommend the addition of new natural materials, fabrics, as well as printing and dyeing, garment processing equipment show, to discuss co-operation with relevant departments to increase the content of new activities. In particular, continue to expand the scale of the International Silk Forum, invite more countries to participate, in particular, to invite experts and scholars in Central Asian countries. Continue to hold the China International Silk Fair and Women\'s Business Conference to join thousands of people seek to invite more Chinese businessmen to participate in Lai Hang, continue to hold the China International Silk Expo and the Women\'s Department Stores (Women\'s) industry elite forum, strive to invite China Chamber of Commerce as the co-operation with the Forum to expand the size and influence of large department stores to invite more responsible person Laihang exhibitors.

(D) improve the Exhibition Services. Actively learn from the experience of other successful exhibition, focusing on the details of the convergence of the various exhibitions, and constantly improve the show quality of services, to expand the scale of the Organizing Committee to increase the professional, the various services painstaking, precise, establish the brand show its own characteristics.
In short, through the organization of "2007 China International Silk Fair and China International Women\'s Exhibition", and accumulated much valuable experience, but also for fair towards "international, market-oriented, professional, brand-oriented" direction has laid a good foundation. We have the confidence and ability to innovate and develop, so that Silk and Women\'s Fair into an international enterprise of new products, new technologies, exchanges, corporate brand promotion, trade negotiations and the organization of international professional forums, an important site to become a rich business opportunities for International Silk event.

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