With regard to further improve the cocoon silk industry, market monitoring quality of statistical da

Recently, Zhejiang Province, enjoys a Chunjian gradually acquired sericulturist pregnant there are worries. Reporter learned from the departments concerned, this year the province enjoys a purchase price per Tam Chun Jian 800-1270 yuan, while the purchase price for each of the province last year, Tam 1240 yuan, down by around 20%.
Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities commerce authorities (Silk Office):

In the joint efforts of departments throughout the business, the cocoon silk industry market monitoring statistics submitted to the positive progress made, and submit the rate has been greatly improved, initially played a timely response to the industry, the role of economic performance. But at present the quality and submitted to the timeliness of data, etc. there are still some problems. To strengthen monitoring of cocoon silk industry market statistics, and effectively improve the quality of statistical data to monitor, so that the index of Chinese Silk accurate source of data, promptly released to the market forecasts, early warning information, and correctly guide the healthy and stable development of Silk Industry, I have to do in conjunction with the Business Productivity Promotion Center in circulation, will be in the near future rectification monitoring system problems. Notice on the relevant matters are as follows:

First, please urge the sample throughout the enterprise in accordance with the "National Cocoon and Silk Industry market monitoring reporting system" (hereinafter referred to as "reporting system") the relevant provisions, full furnished relevant indicators. At present, the company targets to complete incomplete in serious condition, many companies only fill in price, not have to declare related products production, sales, sales, inventory and other indicators, or just fill in completing the sales targets rather than price. If the enterprise no current sales, should be "brief analysis of the" office indicated. Cocoon buy season (including spring, summer, autumn and the relative concentration of the acquisition of each working day), daily Xianjian should be reported to the number of the purchase price and acquisition.

Second, please guide throughout the sample enterprises in accordance with "report system" relating to the calculation units, indicators and other requirements in respect of interpretation and accurate data reporting. Among them, "reporting system" for all sales units are "thousand" sales price are "meta"; of all silk factory production, sales and inventory units are t; Gan Jian Xian Jian and the acquisition of the amount of , the production volume and sales units are kg.

Third, please urge the sample throughout the enterprise in accordance with "reporting system" requirements, and timely reporting of data. Among them, a monthly newspaper sent to 11 early this month, data from 21 daily to send the data earlier this month, next month a daily data sent later this month.

4, please provide the sample throughout the enterprise information submitted to the members of the latest contact information. Some businesses contact changes are not promptly modify the basic information in the system, leading to the system administrator can not be a long time to get in touch with the company, please local commerce authorities will organize enterprise-date summary of contact, the electronic version sent to jsb322 @ 126 . com and dppc2006@126.com.

Throughout the business department must attach great importance to the rectification work, and on September 14 to resolve system problems, do a good job Chinese Silk index data the basic work. At the same time, the acquisition of this year\'s autumn cocoon to provide complete, timely, and accurate monitoring data.

In the future of this work a two-tier assessment system, that is for local authorities throughout the business enterprise to submit work sample evaluation, the State Office of the cocoon around the commerce department reported that the work of the Governor\'s assessment. Localities in the implementation of the "reporting system" during any questions, please do, and in a timely manner with my business circulation Productivity Center.

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Business Productivity Promotion Center in the circulation of Contact: Ye Sijia

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August 13, 2007

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