Silk production in the first half of the country reached 84.5 thousand tons year on year increase of

2007 January to June, the National Silk production total was 8.45 million tons, increasing 10.31% over the same period the previous year; of these provinces and cities in Zhejiang Province, the largest output, the output was 2.77 million tons, the leading provinces; followed by Jiangsu Province, output of 15.3 thousand tons, ranking second place; then the Sichuan Province, the output 13,000 tons, has been awarded the third; Liaoning Province, 12,000 tons for the fourth; Guangxi, 04.6 thousand tons, accounting for fifth; 03.4 thousand tons in Chongqing, located ranked sixth; followed by Shandong Province, 03,000 tons, for seventh; Anhui Province, 02.1 thousand tons, accounting for eighth; Jiangxi Province, 01,000 tons, ranking ninth; Shaanxi Province, 01,000 tons, as the tenth; Guangdong Province, 00.6 thousand tons, ranking No. 11; 00.6 thousand tons in Yunnan Province, has been awarded the 12th. The 12 largest cities in 2007 a combined output of 1-6 month of 84.2 thousand tons, accounting for 1-6 months in 2007 the total output of 99.63%.

    From June 2007 the situation, China\'s first textile network data show, the National Silk month total of 1.67 million tons, the 12 major provinces and cities when the monthly production total of 1.66 million tons, accounting for 99.48% of total production month; Thus, China\'s top 12 major provinces and cities in the country\'s total silk production accounts for about most.

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