Summer silkworm rearing technique

1, selected properties of high temperature and humidity and strong summer and fall varieties. In the city by using the "Guangdong and Guangxi II" is better, the strain resistance and resistance to high temperature and humidity resistant and more stable yields in the summer and autumn rearing.
    2, a thorough disinfection of disease prevention and control of silkworm disease hazards. As the spring silkworm breeding consecutive batches, to the summer when the pathogenic accumulation of silkworm more, while the environment is also conducive to pathogen growth and reproduction, so the summer of silkworm disease is often severe low output. To obtain the summer of silkworm yield, high yield, we must grasp the law of the summer of silkworm disease, conscientiously do a good job before and after sericulture silkworm disease prevention work of the disinfection process. Frequently-occurring toxicity of the general softening of the summer of silkworm disease, blood, pus-type disease, bacterial disease, stiff diseases, prevention and control of silkworm disease is through thorough disinfection and effective measures to eliminate the pathogen transmission opportunities. During the event of sericulture silkworm disease, we must first isolated disease of silkworm, the silkworm disease, death silkworm, weak silkworm, silkworm into a small jar of lime treatment for buried or burned to prevent the spread of silkworm diseases. At the same time to prevent the size of the silkworm polyculture. Multiple scattering of fresh lime, to silkworm body, silkworm seat disinfection, so that silkworm seat to keep dry in order to reduce transmission of silkworm disease. 3 years old, every age drinking Tim once (5 age should be eating Tim 2-3 times) of antibiotics, if it has been occurring bacterial disease, should eat three times a row Tim. Tim should be ahead of dispensing water spray leaves, such as silkworm fed mulberry leaves before drying. Each soldier\'s drinking before the age of silkworm Block to Caesar, "One disease prevention" in silkworm body disinfection, prevention of disease occurrence stiff. There maggot damage, the silkworm body spray 300 times that of "eliminating the Silkworm flies," or Tim silkworm eat 500 times the eliminate flies.
    3, silkworm treatment room environment.
    (1) around the trees or structures in the Jamsil overcast shed, in order to create a cool environment.
    (2) to enhance ventilation Moisture, reducing the impact of high temperature and humidity.
    (3) multi-body with fresh lime silkworm silkworm Block disinfection, so that Jamsil, Canju, silkworm, Block 3 dry clean.
    (4) large mulberry silkworm noodles to take land fertility. In case of high-temperature drying, may be appropriate to fill wetlands, and Tim eat.
    4, to enhance feeding and management.
    (1) do a good job silkworm egg complement incubation: silkworm eggs to be placed in a cool clean place, do not let direct sunlight, to close earlier ants may be appropriate.
    (2) Dilute put eat three square meals, to prevent the hungry silkworms. Small silkworm nylon cover infertility, 4-5 times daily to the Mulberry and pay attention to expanding seat leveling seat, silkworm head put some thin, with the appropriate partial tender leaves. To achieve three major requirements Silkworm thin, that is, indoor silkworm silkworm to put thin frame, it is a good ventilation cooling, so that the full silkworms eat three square meals.
    (3) strengthening sleep starting treatment. Summer silkworm growth and development of fast, especially since sleep period, the silkworm physiological changes, should be strengthened processing. Small Silkworm Laonen consistent with the leaves to promote the development of homogeneous grouping. If the sleep rhythm, should put Green in batches in a timely manner.
    (4) to give the fully mature large silkworm mulberry leaves, feeding leaves wet leaves bogey. Mulberry should less chemical fertilizers and chemical fertilizers when 15 full days to leaf feeding silkworm. Of Education to conduct Zhai Mulberry core, the promotion of mulberry leaf maturity.
    (5) Beware of pesticide poisoning. Mulberry summer, a serious pest to conduct mulberry spraying insecticides, they must be valid over the residual leaf sericulture. Mulberry fields around the same time, spraying, if the mulberry trees have been affected by pesticide contamination, should disable the land mulberry leaves in order to avoid loss of income caused by pesticide poisoning.
    (6) to good Shangcu off. Summer should be higher than the Spring and Autumn Silkworm Silkworm Shangcu little too thin, so that proper cooked in batches, on the rare, and do a good job cooling Moisture cluster housing environment, strengthen ventilation. Cluster with the following should be more than liming materials, such as moisture absorption and maintain clusters of environmental and dry. Finally, to achieve timely adopt cocoon, classification sale cocoon.

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