India: cocoon cocoon auction market ushered in a large number of sub -

According to Indian newspaper reports: (India Tamil Nadu) Salem County, the departmental headquarters of silkworm cocoon the Treasury auction market is to celebrate the season, a large number of cocoon the child.

The cocoon auction market in April this year alone, 57 tonnes of cocoons on the reception of the son, more than 11 tons a year earlier. Until May 17, cocoon farmers markets has been submitted by 20 tons of the cocoon child.

Silkworm department officials said last week of May to submit the amount of cocoon the child will be even greater. Salem County and neighboring erode, Namakaer, Carour and Weilupulan a large number of such places as farmers regard the cocoon cocoon cocoon the child was sent to Salem market.

The official also said the test center to open in Salem to make the child cocoon cocoon farmers could sell a good price through quality control. The opening of Cocoon Testing Center also increased cocoon cocoon farmers to further improve the quality of enthusiasm. Last Saturday, the region 2 of cocoon (white) to 137 Rs / kg, yellow cocoon kinds of 110 rupees / kg.

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