Spring and summer of 2009 China\'s textile fabrics silk products fashion trend

2009 Spring-Summer Silk products will be more youthful. Bright fresh color silk, filled with artistic floral printed chiffon, with flashes of hard shiny yarn, burnt-out effect of the thin silk fabrics, ethnic elements and bionic design, color gradient, and iridescent effects, with anti-mildew, waterproof breathable , comfortable and flexible features such as silk products, etc., pluralistic, and fashion is the theme of spring and summer 2009 demand.
Silk and cotton, wool, linen (ramie), rayon, Tencel, Lyocell, Modal, Polyamide, milk fiber, acetate fiber, a new polyester, elastic fibers and other fibers blended, mixed or packet core, and further enrich the texture of silk products and use performance. More environmentally friendly, organic cotton, recycled polyester, paper fiber, seaweed fiber, hemp, bamboo fiber is the key to development is worthy of attention.

From a variety of art forms to get inspiration: painting style or flavor of the flower garden printing, hazy gradient effects and tie-dye effect, plant or animal fur patterns, geometric patterns varied, the classical means of brocade and ethnic patterns , clean burnt-out, hollow, and embroidery. Soft luster and the changing sense of bringing or elegant or ornate look. Fold with the changes in clothing styles, with full expression. Slub effect of losing the pristine refined, while the gold and silver, and fancy yarn processing applications is even more attention to detail. Yarn-dyed stripes, wool, etc. Check the classic, well learn from the other category of design.

Polyurethane finishing, DP anti-crease finishing, antimicrobial finishing of functional finishing process applied to the silk products bring better protection and ease of care and nature, expanding the consumer market. Coating to the traditional silk fabrics with a new look and texture. Raw materials, additives and production are widely concerned about the ecological nature.

Inaction Lok

Quiet, peaceful, neutral color inclusive all the city\'s noisy, ethereal quiet. Hint of ink smudges or bleeding out of the rich level; with the color of the gradient so that the spirit of even more profound; blues to convey the right empty tranquility meditation, searching for life balance.

New type of fiber and multi-component materials used to enhance the performance of fabric of silk. Refined, simple cycle of large squares, or stripes, with a nostalgic interpretation of the classic. Latitude and longitude to heterochromatic satin, printed by the hazy effects of products, tie-dyed fabrics and color gradient patterns people feel like being in an illusory dream, passing a more subtle flavor. Through raw materials and process improvements, making silk products have good flexibility and easy care.

As Genma Fang

Random, occasional ripple tone is a visual intelligence game, the jump in the fashion of the inter-burst energy. Saturated colors with fun light flashing effect, simply change color in the geometric patterns in the illusions of space deformation caused by color interspersed with each other between the visual stimulus and impulse.

Light and shadow contrast, geometric patterns, dynamic waveform patterns and stripes, change of lattice, flashing dots, science and technology the concept of patterns, geometric patterns such as flowers, and the mix of a variety of patterns and reorganization to give the fabric diversification the style and appearance, more young and lively. The use of fancy yarn, Artex and so on, to give the fabric a special visual and spatial effect. Coated fabric finishing technology to give a sense of gloss and texture.


The warm combination of sweet innocence, creating a mellow atmosphere has a warm summer garden. Soft, transparent color with the warmth the sun looming, and Rojo Alicante, orange, purple Mei art to give color group of charming mix of brilliance.

Lightweight texture or the soft luster of the silk products reflect the unique characteristics of the fine. Full, or large freehand or broken bits of flower garden patterns from the painting, gouache, etc. inspired by the work of art, flowers, geometric patterns and the coordination of combinations. Embroidery, engraving, burnt-out products more emphasis on design details and the themes and patterns of sexual integrity, has been a more romantic interpretation of quiet. Bright silk and metallic embellishment and decoration play a role in finding the general Brisk Talking about spring, showing a soft luster; inadvertently spread the powder-like gold and silver-point printing, gives people a sense of implicit gorgeous.

Fan video Rainforest

Rich, tropical sunlight and cascading branches and leaves of plants mapped out the bright-colored patterns. Layers rich in olive green, grass green, brown on silk and cotton, hemp\'s interwoven in describing the natural aspiration.

Focus on the use of silk and natural fibers, and drawing on the relevant category of the process, giving the fabric variety of styles. Bionic patterns and natural style of plant floral patterns on this topic more angry. The rich layering of the fold increase in garment printing three-dimensional sense. Smart and jumping lighting effects, grainy texture of the effect of bringing a more rustic look and natural feel. Organic cotton, the use of renewable raw materials for recycling are increasing, the concept of an ecological nature, throughout the design, production and marketing of the entire process.

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