Faced Silk sericulturist need to calmly deal with the market downturn

This year autumn cocoon 12-13 yuan / kg in the price, is unique over the past decade. Cocoon of the purchase price and raising the cost of forming an "inverse curve", high cost, and cocoon prices rather low. This is particularly prominent in the economically developed areas.
     Mulberry replant destroyed seems to be sericulturist the inevitable choice. According to the survey: autumn cocoon Jinhu County, the short sale two weeks time, destroy the whole county area reached 6,000 mu of mulberry, mulberry area, accounting for about half of the county, especially into the film into a high-yield mulberry with a destroyed seriously, even on the poplar trees have been planted mulberry quilt was not spared, should sericulture industry is indeed going to a dead end it?
We might as cool-headed analysis:
    1. Cocoon silk market downturn caused by the reasons: the oversupply of contradiction is caused by the main reason for cocoon silk market downturn.
    1.1 With the deepening of China\'s western development, "The Crux" project to promote, in recent years, China\'s central and western regions development of sericulture production of strong, mulberry area of rapid growth, cocoon production also followed a substantial increase in .
    By the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the global financial crisis, which led to economic difficulties, so that the United States and other major economies, the country\'s economic decline, its market demand, tightening, China\'s silk exports were seriously affected, and exports fell, many domestic cocoon silk processing Company as officers, wage increases, supplementary materials, prices and other costs have increased, operating profits meager, and even non-profit or a loss, cut, cut, or even shut down become their helpless choice.
    2. At present the blind destruction of mulberry, not rational, be calm.
    Market downturn in recent years, silk, cocoon prices lower sericulturist comparative effectiveness of sericulture decline sericulturist dampened enthusiasm.
    Sang replant destroyed commonplace, particularly in economically developed regions, a larger reduction in Mulberry area, such as the Golden Lake County in 2005 an area of 35,000 acres of mulberry, mulberry area of the spring of 2008 only 12,000 acres this year\'s autumn cocoon prices, sericulturist sericulture is not only unprofitable, but posted a loss of labor, resulting in serious destruction of mulberry, mulberry area is substantially reduced, even in the western region have emerged are not disposable mulberry sericulture phenomenon. So, is bound to a large extent, ease the contradiction between supply and demand of the cocoon.
    In the country "The Crux" project background, although the central and western regions mulberry area of substantial growth, but the current cocoon silk market, central and western areas will no longer expand the Mulberry area on the big article but rather to focus on tapping the potential synergies on. But this in turn to face the steady development of the "bottleneck", the production of potentially many difficulties, in particular, is the foundation is not strong, weak technical force.
    In short, their conditions and infrastructure keep up with the current scale of development, but also for some time to gradually improve the process.
State macro-control cocoon silk industry has been paying off, through the realization of optimum allocation of resources, improve production, operation of the international level, so that silk "popular" products to "fine, excellent, and special" transformation of silk products to enhance the competitive force, and further optimize the export structure, Chinese silk in the world silk market is bound to revive the glory.
    In summary, I believe that: Although the silk market downturn, but whether it is sericulturist or silk enterprises should strengthen their confidence, in the sense of crisis, we should rationally deal with "winter" especially silkworm breeder should not only focus destroyed Sang, bearing in mind "Winter" has come, "Spring" is still far away do? While the lower cocoon prices, can not sericulture under the guidance of scientific and technical personnel, in the inter-planting and silkworm mulberry, mulberry products to seek a new economic growth point do?
    As the saying goes: "Retention of Castle Peak in, not afraid of no firewood." Should believe, will usher in a bright silk tomorrow.

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