Huzhou City, Zhejiang, autumn silkworm production meeting held

By the cocoon price and the local rural land, labor allocation of resources to adjust the transfer of the impact of Huzhou City, this year\'s spring and summer distribution of silkworm eggs significantly reduced as compared with 2007, in which Shi Benji Wu, Nanxun 2 District Spring Silkworms by 14.2% fat, reduced-fat summer of silkworm 75.7%. At present, the momentum is continuing this decline, manifested in the autumn silkworm ordered slow Sandinista lost control rampant, sericulturist enthusiasm for production is not high. In order to regain the confidence of the industry to overcome the current difficulties, work in a multi-autumn silkworm raising, sericulture production this year, the established full completion of the task, and promote industrial stability and healthy development of the City Bureau of Agriculture held on July 2-3 by Shi Benji engaged sericulture production of all the 359 village-level executives to participate in autumn mulberry silkworm production meeting. Including municipal, district, township sericulture business workers, a total of 420 people attended the meeting. Like this person in charge of sericulture by the whole village, a large meeting was attended by the city to implement the land contract responsibility system in rural areas since the first time.

At the meeting, City, summed up the spring and summer business sericulture sericulture production achievements, analysis of the grasp autumn silkworm production of favorable conditions and problems and put forward specific production technology guidance. Municipal Bureau of Agriculture in charge of sericulture production bureau party committee deputy secretary, Li-fang, deputy director at the meeting made a "truly grasp autumn silkworm production, and strive to increase income autumn silkworm" in an important speech. Speech was a comprehensive and objective analysis of sericulture in the city\'s important status in the national economy and for the promotion of agricultural efficiency and rural incomes in a positive meaning. Participants are asked to correct a dialectical view of the current trade price is lower than the farmers because of the psychological cocoon anticipated the emergence of the phenomenon of cyclical downturn, we should see a reduction in the national distribution because of silkworm cocoons will result in a shortage of raw materials lead to a new round of cocoon price rational recovery trends, establish confidence, seize the opportunity to firmly grasp the others do not have, people have my excellent scientific concept of development, so that the city\'s sericulture production in the fiercely competitive market is always invincible. This year\'s autumn silkworms for the production, Li Fang asked participants to seize the focus should lose no time in launching the "five one" activities, namely: to hold a fall of silkworm production of technical training, scientific technology into their home; to carry out a silkworm egg management promotional , law enforcement operation against silkworm illegal operation, maintaining order and sericulturist the interests of the industry; come autumn kinds of ordering a good job of thoroughly and correctly guide and encourage sericulturist set foot, keep a good autumn silkworm; issuance of a technical information, upgrade technology in place rate; a farmer needed to solve problems, due diligence for the sericulturist solve problems.

The council also invited the vice president of Animal Science, Zhejiang University, Professor Xing-Meng Lu, and Zhejiang Silk Group Co., Ltd.-dimensional business leader, Huzhou City, crops technology promotion stations respectively, were made by relevant experts, "silkworm disease control and autumn silkworm production safety, "" Silk Quotes Analysis and Forecast "," mulberry silkworm Management and Utilization "," silkworm egg production management and sericulture technology "academic report.

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