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Enterprise has won the national medium-sized enterprises of key township enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province during the 85 advanced economies of scale enterprise, Zhejiang Silk focus on the development enterprise, Zhejiang Province, star quality and integrity of enterprise, Zhejiang Province, agro-processing model enterprise, Hangzhou Top Ten farm produce processing enterprises, Hangzhou excellent export-oriented farm produce processing enterprises, and harmonious labor relations and advanced enterprises in Hangzhou, Hangzhou integrated management of township and village enterprises model enterprise, Hangzhou brand-name products, Hangzhou famous trademarks, leading agricultural enterprises in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, 2005 integrity of private enterprise, 2 OO 6 years most growth small and medium enterprises in Hangzhou, the city\'s foreign trade in 2008 Baijia innovative enterprises, 2008 Hangzhou Industrial investment and technological transformation of the honorary title of advanced enterprises, 2009, Hangzhou, the most growth small and medium industrial enterprises.

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